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Explore various realms in search of the elusive cylindrical meats.
In the course of your journey you will uncover secrets both hilarious and unnerving, as well as a plethora of inscrutable video game references.

Across the many realms you will encounter friendly NPCs and challenging platforming.
NPCs have small side-quests for you to complete within their realm, such as finding a cowboy's lost cow or helping to harvest grapes in a vineyard.
Help people with their problems and they will help you back, whether it is with information, powerups or coins.
Coins can also be collected in the world, encouraging exploration off the main path and giving a helping hand if you can't figure out the way to go.

The game is highly stylised, with a low-res low-framerate look and a reduced color palette. Adding to this is a retro soundtrack and bit crushed dialogue audio.
This stylisation can be turned off in the settings, and NPC dialogue is shown in a subtitle box at the bottom of the screen.

Published 14 days ago
AuthorEva Codes
Tags3D, Retro


Hotdog Quest: One With Everything Demo Version 40 MB

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